The SAP Security module is one of the most important technical modules of SAP. It is responsible for who controls and monitors the data that is processed around all of the modules of SAP.

Best SAP Security Course Training Institute In Hyderabad Madhapur Ameerpet

What is Security?

Data is one of the most precious commodities in the 21st century and its value is priceless. Given the sensitivity of all the data that is dealt with by all of the modules of the SAP Software, fallen into the wrong hands, this could be fatal for the organization.

The SAP Security module is one of the most important technical modules of SAP. It is responsible for who controls and monitors the data that is processed around all of the modules of SAP. The core fundamentals of the SAP Successful Security are the following 

  1. Confidentiality of all the data that is procured, processed, and sent
  2. Maintaining Integrity in all the matters about the handling of the data
  3. Safeguarding of the data from any theft, loss, or damage.

Personnel who manage the security of SAP would be responsible not just for how the data is processed but by who it is processed and who has the authorization to what kind of data within the framework of operation.

Who Can Learn This Course?

Security is a very sensitive matter and the candidate who will choose to work in the field of security must first and foremost have the utmost integrity and ethics. 

SAP Security is ideally learned and chosen by people with a good understanding of the SAP Basis. Learning SAP Security Training in Hyderabad would be an additional boost required to climb up your career ladder.

Also, given the technical nature of the module, one needs to have an understanding of computer and data architecture systems to be able to master this module.

Bachelors of Engineering in CSE, IT would be an ideal fit for candidates to start to learn the Security Module

Outcomes of the “Security Module”

Upon learning and mastering the SAP Security Course Training most of our students are working at various business organizations like the following.

  • SAP Security Consultant
  • SAP Security Trainer
  • IT SAP Security Analyst
  • SAP Infrastructure
  • SAP Developer
  • SAP Basis Administrator

Course Syllabus

The following is the course syllabus for SAP Security Training in Hyderabad

  • SAP Security Overview
  • Security audit, consideration, layers
  • Application on R/3 Security
  • Types of Security’s 
  • User Administration & Maintenance
  • Infrastructure, Network, System, Workstation Security’s 
  • System Configuration, Authorizations
Best Security Course Training Institute in Hyderabad, Madhapur, Ameerpet

Why Choose Us?

SAP Security is essential and it gives access to users to perform their jobs, restricts unauthorized access. So our SAP Security Course Training in Hyderabad has been designed to reach the number of students who are at a beginner’s level. We guide our students in learning, understanding, and implementing the security module with real-time projects. 

 SAP Security Course SAP Training in Hyderabad is offered at two locations at Hitech city and Panjagutta, which is very close to the training hub called Ameerpet.

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Global Coach, Hyderabad does not claim itself as SAP Authorised Training Partner. Global Coach does not use any material or books from SAP. All our study materials are prepared by our own consultants and instructors.

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